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GRASS + CLOVER boxed votive candle

Lumi Clothing

GRASS + CLOVER boxed votive candle.

From our first “PASTEL’ range, comes GRASS+ CLOVER. Fresh and green as a field of freshly mown grass in the sunshine, this candle brings the freshness of outdoors, the sound of the lawn mower, after the rain. Pairs with GRASS+ CLOVER matchbox, available in travel tin size.

Blending green and fresh notes of clover lawn and wisteria flowers with the herbal scent of the tomato vine. A room-cheerer-upper, chasing out bad smells and moods. A great kitchen candle, freshening up the room with cheery zingy-ness!

boxed votive candle

vegan, cruelty free
100% cotton, lead-free wick
340g weight
85mm high
70mm diameter
100% sustainable soy wax
unique hand-crafted perfume
36hr burn 

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