About Us.

Lumi Clothing was born from a desire to create beautiful, timeless pieces using sustainable textiles to slow the negative impact of the fashion industry.

Since 2006 Lumi’s head designer, Maryna, has been a prominent figure in the Melbourne Fashion Industry.  Running boutiques that housed both independent and local designers along with her own first label, Preap and Coutts.

Through Lumi Clothing Maryna sinks deeper into the design space, utilising years of industry experience and design skills to craft timeless collections. Lumi Clothing cradles both her passion for textiles and commitment to sustainability, culminating in classic and eco-conscious pieces.

 A word on sustainability.

“As a designer, cleaner more ethical fashion is literally in my hands. Textiles alone tell their own story. 

And, when crafted right with considered design, care, and complete stylistic ownership of the wearer textiles can further their purpose and truly impress.

My commitment to sustainability is in crafting textiles that impress far beyond the first wear.”

– Maryna Preap

Conscious design.

At Lumi, the design process is simple. We first fall in love with a print or feel of a fabric.  From there, each garment comes together quite naturally.

Textile lead design is how Lumi really leans into fashion sustainability. By choosing dead stock and natural fibres, and by respecting the materials in our design. This is where we can have the most positive impact.

Lumi creates pieces that not only elevate the person wearing the garment but the fabric itself, producing longer lasting more sustainable clothing. 

Conscious production.

All Lumi pieces are created in small batches, mostly in-house, limiting over production and ensuring less waste. We have a very controlled studio space where our small team monitors all practices with an environmentally aware mind.

Ethical in-house processes are (when necessary) complemented by local and thoughtfully out sourced manufacturing, which further reflects our dedication to conscious production. 

When outsourcing is needed, we do not engage further than 15km from our studio. This way we can work closely with the manufacturer, insisting on best practices and fair work that match up to Lumi’s in house policies. 

The result of our combined, considered measures are collections that embody timeless, ethically responsible, slow-made fashion garments.

All Lumi garments are hand made in our Melbourne/Naarm studio, located on land traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri People of the First Nations.